Vivabon Syrup

Herbion Pharma Vivabon Syrup is a growth promoter.

Vivabon Syrup is a balanced composition of dietary essentials taken from herbal origins, which provide the necessary nutrients for the growth of children. The ingredients of Vivabon syrup are rich in alkaloids, natural proteins, vitamins, glycosides, bioflavonoid and trace elements. Due to its unique composition Vivabon strengthens the muscles, bones, hair, teeth and generalizes body strength. Vivabon syrup energizes the whole body systems and increases the physical and mental capacity of children.

    • Growth retardation
    • Low body weight
    • Malnutrition
    • Anorexia
    • Decrease memory
    • Fatigue and general weakness
    • Lassitude and Stress
      • 7-12 Years: Two teaspoons twice daily
      • 13 and above: One Tablespoon (10ml) thrice daily
Or as prescribed by the physician
Duration of treatment
Three months. For long term therapy a gap of three weeks is advised after each three months period of treatment.
120 ml bottle.
Herbion Pharma Vivabon Syrup is a growth promoter.

Infidol Colic Drops

Herbion Pharma InfiDol Colic Drops is ideal for indigestion.

Infidol is a natural product specially formulated for infants & children that relieves digestive complaints due to over-feeding and accumulation of gases. Infidol is highly beneficial in relieving pain associated with colic, griping, flatulence, belching & abdominal bloating. Infidol is a useful carminative and digestive tonic, which helps to restore the normal physiological functions of the digestive tract. Infidol when used during teething age, relieves teething problems, acts as appetizer, and ensures health and well being of infants & children.

In Infants & children:
    • Abdominal pain associated with colic, gripping, belching & bloating
    • Indigestion
    • Problems associated with teething
Administration & dosage:
      • Infants to 6 months : 3-5 drops 4 times daily
      • 6 months -3 years : 6-10 drops 4 times daily
Or as advised by Physician
15 ml bottle in unit carton along with the insert.
Herbion Pharma InfiDol Colic Drops is ideal for indigestion.