Linkus Lozenges

Linkus Nova Cough Lozenges for sore throat.

Linkus Lozenges have been developed with a balanced blend of selected herbs to provide immediate relief from irritation of throat and cough. It significantly reduces the duration and severity of cough. Linkus lozenge freshens your breath and has soothing effects. Available in Mint, Orange and Honey lemon flavors.

Symptomatic therapy of Respiratory tract diseases accompanied by cough and chest congestion.
Direction Adults
Take one Lozenge every 2 to 3 hours.
Maximum Daily Dos
8 Lozenges. Average course of therapy 3-7 days.
2 x 8 Blister pack Available in Honey Lemon, Mint and Orange.
Linkus Nova Cough Lozenges for sore throat.