Celebration of Women’s Day at Herbion

Women's Day Celebrations at Herbion Naturals
Women's Day Celebrations at Herbion Naturals

This time, the International Women’s Day was exceptionally recognized and celebrated throughout the globe on 8th March. Ever since the campaigns for women rights escalated and their achievements acknowledged, gender equality and justice have become widespread in our society. But there’s still a lot more that needs to be done in this regard. As per tradition, our team at Herbion International also celebrated Women’s Day with absolute zeal.

The event, exclusively hosted by the HR Department, was held on Thursday at Herbion’s factory in Korangi, in order to celebrate womanhood and appreciate the powerful role of women in our society. The color theme for the event was pink/purple and all the females were dressed accordingly. The setting was festooned with all shades of pink and purple.

The event kicked off at around five in the evening with Ms Shamim Hanif’s recitation of the Holy Quran.

The head of Human Resources, Ms Bushra Raza inaugurated the event with her beautiful rendition of some poetic verses by Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

An Urdu debate competition was held on the topic called, “Working Women are the Epitome of Economic Success.” There were eight female participants who eloquently contested each other. The jury included Mr. Nadeem Khalid, the CEO of Herbion Internationals, Mr. Asghar Zaidi the Director Plant Operations, Executive Director National Organization for Working Communities Ms Farhat Perveen and the respectable Heads of Departments.

Subsequently, the competition ended and all the judges were invited to the stage to announce the winner. The winners of the contest were Ms. Humera Ejaz, Ms. Shamim Hanif and Ms. Amna Iqbal respectively.

The notable personalities including Mr. Nadeem and Ms Farhat spread pearls of their beautiful thoughts regarding the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women and their role in the society.

Not just women, even the men of Herbion team celebrated womanhood as they urged everyone to respect and empower women. They also acknowledged Herbion International’s efforts for changing the roles of men and women, giving its female employees powerful representation and security at work, over the years.

The guest speaker Ms. Farhat was presented a memento as a token of appreciation. The celebrations were followed by a cake-cutting ceremony. Group photos were taken with all employees of respective departments, their heads and CEO of the company.

As the event concluded, gift bags were distributed to all the female employees along with refreshments.

Herbion Corporate – Company Introduction


With decades of experience in manufacturing natural medicines, Herbion progressed further by venturing towards production of standardized botanical extracts in spray dried form. The newly developed state-of-the-art standardized extract processing plant based in Lahore is a result of extensive research and experimentation which includes screening of medicinal plants for the botanical and taxonomical features, followed by extensive phyto-analytical standardization studies for the identification and quantification of active principles related to their respective pharmacological characteristics, development of extraction and purification process that ensures highest active concentration and absence of toxic substances by utilizing cutting-edge industrial application.

The infrastructure comprises of highly qualified scientists focusing on phyto-chemistry, pharmacology, microbiology and quality control. To ensure sustainable supplies on its key products, medicinal plants cultivation has already been successfully undertaken by the organization which assures that right from the starting material, the quality meets the stringent standards. The standardized extraction plant is one of the largest spray-drying facilities in this region covering a total area of 6,660 sq. meters with built up area of 3,165 sq. meters. Its advance technology able to produce several tons of standardized extract by assuring and maintaining premium quality standards with all safety measures intact.