Intellan Syrup

Herbion Pharma Intellan Syrup improves memory.

Intellan is an original formulation of herbal extracts, from well known medicinal herbs Ginkgo biloba, Centella asiatica, Herpestis monniera, Coriandrum sativum, Amomum subulatum, and Emblica officinalis, rich in vital amino acids, bioactive alkaloids, glycosides, essential trace elements and vitamins.

    • Deficient memory and forgetfulness
    • Mental stress, strain and fatigue
    • Lack of concentration and disorientation
    • Mental and psychic retardation of growth in children
    • Functional cerebral insufficiency
    • Dizziness and state of confusion
    • Depressed neuronal metabolism and microcirculation
    • Mild anxiety and mood depression
      • Adult: 2 teaspoons twice daily after meals
      • Children: 1 teaspoon twice daily after meals
Duration of treatment
Three months. For long term therapy a gap of three weeks is advised after each three months period of treatment.
90 ml glass bottle.
Herbion Pharma Intellan Syrup improves memory.
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Intellan Syrup
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 3 reviews
by Tehmina on Intellan Syrup

My husband started noticing I was getting forgetful over the years, he suggested I take Intellan Syrup. Let me tell you, my memory has improved drastically, it's even better than his now.

by Atif on Intellan Syrup

Ever since I enrolled for my PHD, I need to memorize a lot of information, so I started taking Intellan. It has definitely improved my memory, plus it has helped me stay calm and reduce my anxiety.

by Nighat on Intellan Syrup

My 10 year old son used to struggle memorizing schoolwork. So I started giving 1 teaspoon of Intellan daily, to improve his memory. I have definitely noticed improvement in his scores.