10 Foods for a Liver Friendly Diet
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10 Foods for a Liver Friendly Diet

Did you know liver damage adds up little by little over the passage of time as you indulge in some basic everyday activities? Such as taking too much stress, being exposed to environmental pollutants, eating oily fast foods, over processed edibles or even overeating. When your liver can no longer process toxins or fat efficiently, it is beneficial to cleanse the liver. Apart from this if you are suffering from abdominal obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes or high blood pressure, you are at a predisposed risk of developing liver disease. 

You can also ask your doctor if you are eligible for taking liver cleanse supplements such as Herbion Bonjigar syrup and capsulesThis herbal liver tonic is created to detoxify, enhance appetite and boost liver health. Whether you are looking to thoroughly detoxify the liver and rid it off all the toxic waste or are recovering from serious ailments such as hepatocellular jaundice, Cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis B and C, etc. our liver cleanse supplements are ideal for promoting functionality. Additionally, if you are suffering from liver disease, you also need to monitor your fluid, protein and salt intake. 

Along with liver health supplements, you can also enhance liver health by consuming foods which expel toxic waste from the body naturally. The right foods on your plate can help flush out foreign chemicals out of your body daily. When your liver functions at its optimal it takes toxins stored in the body and converts them into a water-soluble form which is then excreted from the body. 

The following is a list of ten foods good for liver: 

Garlic for Liver Repair 

Garlic is ideal for liver repair as it facilitates your liver to activate enzymes which flush out toxins. It also contains high levels of liver cleansing natural compounds called allicin and selenium. When this herb is chopped, cut or crushed, it releases allicin. Selenium boosts the action of antioxidants while Allicin is loaded with antifungal, antibiotic and antioxidant properties which are beneficial for liver health. This herb also contains a potent amino acid, arginine, which aids blood vessels to relax. The antioxidant compounds keep toxic substances at bay by supporting liver functionality. You can add it to your meals while cooking and even sneak some cloves into your salads. 

Beet Juice for Liver Cleanse 

Beetroot is vital for activating liver enzymes which aid in the breakdown and absorption of fat-soluble nutrients and healthy fats such as vitamin E. This leads to improved secretion of soluble toxins, it further binds toxins to bile which are readily excreted in stools. Bile keeps the liver functioning smoothly by allowing to free flow through the small intestine which helps digestion. Furthermore, beets are also rich in vitamin C and therefore contain high levels of antioxidant properties which aid the immune system. The betaine found in beets enables your liver to expel toxins and defend the bile ducts which are essential for healthy digestion. Add beet juice for liver health to your diet today. 

Fiber Rich Apples 

An apple a day really does keep the doctor away. Loaded with fibers this juicy fruit aids cleaning your bowel while bringing friendly bacteria into the body. Rich in pectin, apples release toxins and cleanse the digestive tract. The lesser the toxins, the better your liver’s ability to cleanse your body. 

Oats Rich in Soluble Fiber 

High in soluble fat contents, low in glycaemic index and full whole grain makes oats a vital source for minerals and vitamins. Oats are also loaded with soluble fiber which radically reduces low-density lipoprotein (LDL). LDL is a form of unhealthy cholesterol which can gather in the blood vessels, liver and other areas. Soluble fiber aids blood cholesterol levels by lowering the absorption of cholesterol into the bloodstream through the intestines. 

The Goodness of Almonds 

These nuts are packed with a punch of calcium, riboflavin, magnesium, iron and fiber. Similar to all nuts they are a potent source of protein. Since almonds are rich in unsaturated fats, they are ideal for lowering cholesterol levels which improve heart and liver health. Next time you feel like snacking, grab a handful of almonds. You can even add it as a salad dressing for an extra crunch. 

Salmon for Omega 3 

Jam-packed with omega 3 fatty acids and protein, salmon is ideal for lowering triglyceride and cholesterol levels. This delicious fish reduces blood pressure, prevents arteries from clogging and decreases the risk of stroke. This oily fish can also lower inflammation and buildup fat in the liver while decreasing body mass index. 

Berries Rich in Antioxidant Properties 

Blueberries, cranberries and raspberries are high in polyphenols which are antioxidant properties that protect you from liver damage. You can add these berries to fruit salads, desserts and even pancakes to reap the benefits of this gift from nature. 

Green Tea Good for Your Liver 

This liver-loving drink contains plant-based antioxidants called catechins which are ideal for optimal liver functionality. This popular digestive stimulant also aids and prevents weight loss, wards off oxidative stress and lowers symptoms of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. However, steer clear of green tea extracts as they cause adverse effects to liver health. 

Grapefruit for Liver Health 

If you enjoy eating delicious fruits add grapefruit to your diet for cleansing your liver. It contains insoluble fiber which attaches to bile and fats within the digestive tract to eradicate LDL, bad cholesterol. This super fruit also contains naringin, a flavonoid which prevents enzyme activity in the liver.  Furthermore, the high levels of antioxidant compounds and vitamin C aid to flush toxins from your body thereby preventing them from damaging cells. The seeds of this fruit are also rich in antimicrobial agents and antioxidants which aid in the digestive cleanse of unwanted parasites, fungus and bacteria. 

Leafy Green Vegetables 

Cleanse your liver with nutritious leafy greens. You can serve them as juice, salads to be eaten raw or cook them. Rich in chlorophyll, these vegetables soak up environmental toxins from your bloodstream. Their unique ability of neutralizing chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals enable them to protect your liver’s mechanism. Add arugula, chicory, dandelion, mustard greens and spinach to meals as they stimulate the flow of bile which facilitates the removal of waste from the bloodstream and organs.

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