5 Easy Tips to Keep You Healthy This Eid al-Adha
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5 Easy Tips to Keep You Healthy This Eid al-Adha

Eid al-Adha is celebrated all over the world by Muslims as a memorable Islamic event. While this meaty eid involves a lot of food preparation and BBQ parties, it can also involve an abundance of meat intake, which can be challenging to digest for some. Though there is nothing wrong in being a foodie and going all out enjoying different dishes. Excessive consumption and overindulgence of meat can take a toll on your health and digestive system, leading to stomach aches, indigestion, bloating and weight gain. With family gatherings aligned back to back, the last thing you need is to turn down an invitation because you are suffering from indigestion.  

Though social gatherings on this auspicious occasion call for gorging down high-calorie foods, the unwanted weight gain that comes with it can make you feel extreme guilt and discomfort. This Eid make sure you carry gastric pain relief tablets, Gastril Plus with you on the go. Formulated with an herbal blend of White cumin, Black salt, Garlic, black pepper, long pepper and Ammonium chloride it makes for the perfect remedy for acidity, indigestion and heartburn. Our gastric pain relief pills come in a variety of flavors namely Aamchoor, Imlee, Lemon and regular flavor. Pick your favorite and enjoy taking after a delectable Eid feast to let it work its magic. 

It is no secret, not all of us can handle red meat as it can be quite heavy. If this meat intake takes a toll on your digestive system and gives you unwanted diarrhea, then be sure to have Ispaghol ki bhusi. Herbion Ispaghol husk comes in four delicious flavors namely, plain, fruit punch, orange and lemon. This natural ispaghol ka chilka comes in jars and pocket-friendly sachets. Simply add ispaghol to fresh yogurt, mix and eat to relieve diarrhea. It is vital to note that psyllium husk is ideal for those suffering from heart diseases as well, since it works as a potent laxative which also reduces triglycerides, lowers blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol.   

Since gatherings are unavoidable during festivities, it is best to implement certain tips which can lead to a healthy and happy Eid 2019. 

Tip #1: Workout 

Holidays are notorious for making people gain extra weight. After all, most of us lounge around or glue to the tv and don’t exactly move around much. Does that sound familiar? Then perhaps it’s time to say goodbye to being a couch potato and get those muscles moving. After Eid namaz head out for a walk, practice yoga or workout. Not only will your blood start flowing, but it will also relax you, release endorphins which will put you in a better mood and make you feel refreshed. All this working out will also help you ward off various ailments and make you more energetic to supervise the ritual sacrifice. Additionally, it is guaranteed to reduce your guilt trip when you go head-on into that plate of spicy mutton biryani and beef korma with sheermal later in the day. 

Tip #2: Include Veggies 

We know you probably have your pitchforks ready thinking veggies and that too on meaty eid? No way! But guess what, greens are the best side dish you can prepare to compliment all the meat dishes at the dinner table. Eating vegetables helps curb appetite. Besides veggies are rich in essential fibers and nutrients which make you feel full faster; this leaves little room for eating high calorie dishes and fattening siwayan and labeshireen. We recommend making a hearty salad bowl or stir fry veggies. Not only do salads taste refreshing, but they will also be appreciated by your vegetarian guests and those who avoid eating meat on this festive occasion due to the pungent smell that can be difficult to subside. 

Tip #3: Portion Control 

We cannot stress enough on how essential this tip is to ward off weight gain. The table is always going to be laden with the most delicious desi dishes to devour such as kaleejimalai boti and seekh kebabs. Whether you like it or not you might give in to the temptation of eating every dish, besides the hostess is most likely going to insist you try everything. So how do you avoid looking rude and not going overboard? Hint: portion control! Pilling up food in your plate just because it is the holiday season and everybody’s doing it is no excuse to let go of your diet goals. Instead, toss that mindset aside. Be true to yourself, take small portions of all meals, then take second helpings of cuisines you absolutely enjoy. In case the host pressurizes you for having more, politely decline. The best way to eat less is to get busy chatting and catching up with those sitting in your proximity. This diverts your mind and slows down your food intake. 

Tip #4: Skip the Fizzy Drinks 

While you may enjoy the occasional soft drink bottle, they have no nutritional value and do no favors to your waistline. Soft drinks are bad for you since they are loaded with sugar. Instead of gulping down a glass full of cold-drink, enjoy a chilled glass of Samar Rus, sharbat for summer. Samar Rus contains herbal extracts which taste refreshing. You can mix it in milk or water, add a twist of lemon and enjoy. It can also be added to desi desserts to add an element of surprise that is sure to be well-loved by all your guests. This delicious alternative to fizzy drinks is sure to become an instant hit among adults and kids alike. 

Tip #5: Curb Sweet Cravings 

How can you celebrate Eid without sweet dishes, such as cham chams and gulab jamuns, followed by mom’s special sheer khurma? Having no sweets sounds atrocious doesn’t it? We absolutely agree! The idea is not to skip desserts, but to have a low intake of sweet dish calories by loading up on healthy alternatives such as dry fruits which help curb your cravings. Eat a handful of raw almonds, cashews or walnuts before you head towards the dessert table. Raw almonds are well known for giving a feeling of fullness, which aids weight loss. This potent dry fruit is an essential source of vitamin E which improves your hair and skin. After all, who wouldn’t want to look their best for Eid? 


When temptation knocks, know your limit, practice self-control and find smart ways to tackle the urge to indulge. Your body will thank you later. If spicy and oily foods lead to the onset of acidity or heartburn, then keep the tried and tested remedy for acidityGastril Pluswith you at all times. If you are someone who struggles with high blood pressure or easily gets diarrhea from eating too much red meat, then be sure to take ispaghol ki bhusi for digestive care. Buy digestive care products online from Herbion Shop for a hassle-free delivery across Pakistan. 

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